About us

IdeaSoft S.R.L. provides a dedicated full-time technical team on a long-term basis to meet the software engineering and quality assurance requirements of organizations in the United States and Canada. With our Near-shore Outsourcing dedicated team, organizations in the United States and Canada can handle their respective software engineering projects quickly and efficiently. Organizations will not only realize substantial savings in costs by utilizing our resources, they will also gain an excellent, solid and experienced team of qualified professionals with varying degrees of technical backgrounds.


“Be smart and grow with us,” is our company slogan. At IdeaSoft, we work diligently to provide our customers with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to implement solutions for all your challenging project requirements. This allows our clients to grow and maintain a long-term relationship with IdeaSoft.


Outsourcing to a dedicated team allows organizations to focus on the development process, while retaining the flexibility and scalability of resources which organizations gain by hiring out team.


We offer the following services: