Why work with IdeaSoft?

The Near-shore Outsourcing centers of IdeaSoft are located in Latin America, which has increasingly gained in popularity in the last few years as a destination for outsourcing. Our location gives us the possibility to offer low cost solutions with constant communication during the work day.

Reduce your costs
Finding talented engineers at reduced costs in comparison to the North American market is not the only reason for near-shore services; finding them in the same time zone increases productivity and guarantees better communication.. What this leads to is the same final product at competitive prices without sacrificing on quality.

Real time communication
We are located in the same time zone as the eastern part of the United States, this gives us the advantage of working with the client’s teams seamlessly, during their regular working hours, no matter which part of the United States the client may be located in. It also enables direct communication between the teams, keeping everyone in synchronization. This improves productivity, minimizes re-work and leads to increased quality.

Well trained Engineers

All Engineers that work in IdeaSoft have extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise. They are highly trained professionals committed to their work. They are selected after undergoing a rigorous selection process. Once on IdeaSoft’s team, they receive continuous training to update their knowledge and skills, not only in their chosen fields, but also in the latest advances in technology and tools.



IdeaSoft team is composed of a mix of engineers – some that have lived and worked in the United State, and the rest, comprised of the best local engineers. This combination allows us to efficiently resolve any technical issues or challenges that may arise as we work.

And you not only will save money also your company will gain the following benefits:

  • Full Time Software and QA engineers (free IT Recruitment, selection, and replacement services).
  • Modern Facilities and Equipment (office space, computers, servers, networks, telephones, conference rooms, coffee machines etc.).
  • Daily Support and Consulting with human resources managers, system administrators, retention, account and office managers.
  • Employee Retention programs (via social events, retention programs etc.)
  • Bookkeeping & Legal services (payroll, health insurance, administering taxes).
  • Additional services (Continuous Training, visa and travel support).